I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget
how you made them feel.

– Maya Angelou

Authentic accounts of impact by Fabiola Sommer.

Fabiola contributes with vital energy and insight, which almost automatically activates a different and better dialogue, thus creating the framework for development. She is solid in her facilitation of recruitment and leadership development, which raises the quality of our efforts. In addition, I have also had the pleasure of being personally tested, challenged, and inspired. Working with Fabiola has been a pleasure, and I can give her my warmest recommendation.

Louise HahnGroup CEO at Energi Danmark Group

I worked with Fabiola Sommer for six months in an executive coaching course. I have previously completed management sparring, but until the meeting with Fabiola, I did not understand the total value of an effective and result-creating coaching course. Fabiola has a distinct ability to familiarize herself with issues and is highly targeted in her approach. During the course, I have, among other things, obtained a renewed perspective, gained tools for greater strategic insight, and thereby ensured a more effective approach to development and results both professionally and privately. Better results and increased efficiency have been two concrete and measurable benefits that I want to highlight from the collaboration. I can only give Fabiola Sommer my warmest recommendation. If a more resounding recommendation is desired, I am available. Morten Hedrich

Morten HedrichVP of Sales & Co-Owner at Atobi

I have chosen to work with Fabiola for several reasons, including her experience as a management consultant from the construction industry, her expertise with recruiting leaders and specialists, and, not least, her approach to management. For me, it has been essential to find a business partner who understands the construction industry and, at the same time, has the courage to challenge it and us so that we develop. I strive to be a holistic leader - holistic leadership is the present and future demand for leaders. It has, therefore, been vital for me to find a management consultant and executive coach who shares this approach to management – ​​Fabiola does! Fabiola supports our leadership team, mapping the company's guiding star and strengthening our foundation: purpose, vision, values, mission, and strategy. In addition, she helps us enhance our culture so that we are stronger together. I believe that success (and so much more) is created by and through people. Therefore, it is crucial that my management team and I get to know our employees better. So we understand how to play them better. I have, therefore, initiated a development process that Fabiola facilitates. We aim to get to know ourselves and each other better so that through a greater understanding of each other's differences, we enhance cooperation. The employees have also been offered the opportunity to get to know themselves better, so in addition to Fabiola coaching my management group, several of our employees also coach. Fabiola has helped us create better results by increasing our people focus even more than we used to. What Fabiola does so well is that she manages to articulate and execute from her perspective and into ours in such a way that it is both understandable and makes sense - she is at eye level with us.

Kent HvidtfeldtCEO at Kjær Knudsen A/S

Fabiola knows something about people! She is present, respectful, competent, and dares to ask difficult questions. I have been on a personal development course with Fabiola for the last few months. In the process, I have become more confident about myself. Still, I have also gained a much greater awareness of my patterns of action, good and bad, which has given me inner peace both privately and at work. But Fabiola has also increased my awareness that people are fundamentally motivated by different things and that this (perhaps) is why we often misunderstand each other. The course has so far required hard work, where you have to dare to be vulnerable. You have to dare to open up, and you have to dare to deal with and answer challenging questions that can come close. But if you master it and stay in it, you get so much in return, which makes it all worth it! I would recommend a course with Fabiola to better get to know yourself and your fellow human beings.

Katrine BustProjektleder at Aqvila A/S

I have had/have great pleasure from working with Fabiola. I experience a high degree of professionalism. As a leader, I was guided through the process, especially in connection with a recruitment process. Fabiola challenged my assumptions and asked the tough questions that enabled me to concretize an accurate and realistic picture of the desired candidate. A good course! Also, on a personal level, Fabiola has had a positive impact. For example, good questioning techniques and simple exercises have helped me gain peace of mind about one of my absolute "phobias": Cognitive tests. Fabiola and I share a view of "modern leadership", and a focus on personal core values ​​as a guideline for good management. This makes the meeting with Fabiola interesting and inspiring. I look forward to a good collaboration in the future.

Henrik SkovDirector, Head of Transition & Delivery Management at Global Connect

Fabiola can uniquely sense and articulate what drives people, even when you have difficulty seeing it yourself; she is a "people person." She has been a career coach for me. Time and time again, I have had aha experiences where she has helped me become clear and aware of what motivates me and how I get more options in my work and relationships with others. She sees why some situations give me energy and others drain me and how I can work with that career-wise. Her nature is kind and caring but not a people pleaser. She dares to ask the tough questions, which reach both backward and forwards in time: How my way of being today replicates old patterns (and old problems), and how it can make sense in the future to completely change my mind to become the best version of myself. Although the focus is professional, the line between the professional and the personal can be fluid, especially when we want our job to be meaningful. For Fabiola, it is just a natural premise that the private and the professional play together, and both can be the subject of coaching. I can only give Fabiola the best recommendations, especially if you are looking for coaching that embraces both the professional, your role as a leader, and your motivation. And if you are open to looking inward.

Bjørn AxelsenLead Consultant at Devoteam Digital Impulse

I had the pleasure to have sessions with Fabiola, and thanks to her guidance, start the process of better understanding my persona and digging deeper into the core of my own strengths and talents. She is an extremely thoughtful, energetic, and motivated persona that creates a safe environment while undergoing her expertise. She is engaging and super motivated to create the very best experience while delivering the highest content and services. As a young individual, I truly believe getting to know Fabiola and closely working with her can create great benefits and opportunities to further develop myself and become the very best version. Her eagerness and positive attitude throughout the sessions combined with the professionalism she delivers are the keys to success. I can strongly recommend Fabiola as the experience has been unique!

Joanna Barbara MaslankaHappiness Hero at Goodiebox

I unreservedly recommend Fabiola to any company needing a focused professional development course. Her ability to lead a group to peak performance is second to none. Specifically, Fabiola has supported a tech start-up of which I am a co-founder. She has helped us to understand and collaborate around the personal skills we bring to the group and set direction and strategy in a competent, proper, and super committed way. It is rare to meet HR Strategy consultants with Fabiola's knowledge, insight, and depth. She masters her tools with calmness and depth; you can feel her experience and commitment expressed in all interventions and conversations.

Henrik Bo LarsenCEO & Co-Founder at MediTech

A clear endorsement of Fabiola from me. We have used, and continue to use, Fabiola to stay focused on our strategic objectives and use our personal preferences and differences as an asset. Based on our profiles, she helps to ensure that we are effective together and that we can keep our eyes on the ball so that both business and individuals become a higher unit. And then just a gift for the less practical: Meetings start and stop in seconds, and the agenda is always adhered to. It provides an excellent professional setting and a good personal and commercial development framework.

Jess AlfredsenFounder at Datageneration.ai

I have now gone through both the individual Enneagram tests with personal feedback and am in the process of making our startup team sharp on our business model. Fabiola has total control of the Enneagram profiles. She can put into perspective even small dynamics in our team and how it is expressed in our approach to strategic initiatives and values. It is challenging to create a sharp business model. Still, you need to understand which types of people are involved in the process to succeed. With her ability to understand people and her insight into the strategy, Fabiola can provide a solid prerequisite to help you towards an executed business model. In all cases, all participants have a greater awareness of themselves and others, which is worth its weight in gold.

Peter SchleperPartner at Data Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Fabiola on leadership sessions as well as being able to reach out to her when developing commercial ideas. Fabiola skills covers a mix of leadership team development and sales which together with her professionalism allows Fabiola to help us drive a valuable leadership coaching process.

Nicolai LachmannCo-Founder at Insights.bi

I have worked together with Fabiola in connection with the establishment of our startup insights.bi. We have concretely used Fabiola to sharpen our business profile and work on developing our respective personal profiles. I can recommend Fabiola for both. In our work to strengthen the business profile, we have sparred with Fabiola about our business pitch and the ability to focus sharply on our core delivery - our purpose for the company is to strengthen the authenticity of our message. Fabiola has been an excellent sparring partner based on a solid business understanding and the ability to put herself in the customer's shoes. We have also worked with our respective personal profiles, intending to strengthen the daily collaboration in a team that has speed, has many years of experience, and has lots of attitudes to big and small. Fabiola has helped to ensure mutual understanding and, thus, a basis for increased cooperation in the team's future. This is valuable, as mutual trust is a prerequisite for doing more business together. I have met many management coaches throughout my career. Still, I experience Fabiola as extraordinarily sharp in identifying and strengthening our work with our blind spots.

Ernst MørchCo-Founder at Insights.bi

Fabiola has been of great help to me in connection with the job search. After a few years abroad, I had to find my next position in DK. In this connection, she has facilitated a process and helped me identify what was important to prioritize in my search for the right job. Fabiola is skilled at getting to the core of a subject and, through a varied approach to this, e.g., identifying personal values ​​so that I have arrived at what feels right to me. I can warmly recommend Fabiola to managers and companies looking for a coach for organizational and leadership development, e.g., to achieve greater job satisfaction and employee motivation.

Thomas BischoffProjektchef at Sjælsø Management

In connection with my employment as a tender manager at Züblin A/S, I have had the great pleasure of being in a recruitment process with Fabiola Sommer, The Pine Group. Fabiola is exceptionally competent and a super pleasant person who deserves great praise for the thorough and professional process it has been. Fabiola's thoroughness and commitment mean that you get adequate and valuable feedback in the process. Regardless of the outcome concerning the job, you gain essential knowledge about yourself as a leader, where your strengths lie, and what you can improve. It is super positive and very fruitful. In addition, Fabiola has built up solid experience and knowledge from the construction industry, which is essential when managers are to be recruited for the construction industry or company managers need management advice and personal development. I have used Fabiola in my further journey as a manager, where Fabiola has been a good and competent sparring partner regarding management advice and personal development. For me, it has been important that the management consultant knows the construction industry thoroughly, and Fabiola does that in particular. I have received helpful feedback, inspiration, advice, and concrete tools that ensure the direction is right. Fabiola has been a perfect choice here. Fabiola's work with management consulting and personal development means that you get concrete management tools in your luggage, a new and exciting perspective on your management style, and concrete suggestions on how to work further with your management/personal development. Something that, in my opinion, the construction industry needs and that Fabiola can deliver to that extent. I warmly recommend other companies, both in and outside the construction industry, to use Fabiola in connection with personal development, management consulting, and, not least, when hiring new managers.

Mikael SchrollHead of Tender and Marketing at Züblin DK

Jeg har haft fornøjelsen af Fabiola som facilitator i kursusforløb over flere år. Fabiola har bidraget til at jeg har fået et større indblik i planlægning, projektstyring, kvalitetsstyring, kommunikation og konflikthåndtering. I have had the pleasure of Fabiola as a facilitator in courses over several years. Fabiola has contributed to me gaining a greater insight into planning, project management, quality management, communication, and conflict management. I have developed with my colleagues and gained insight into their daily challenges, which has given me a better understanding and respect for their decisions, making other people's work routines visible, thereby making the company's departments better cohesion. I give Fabiola my warmest recommendations. Jeg vil give Fabiolas kompetencer mine beste anbefalinger.

Lars AlexanderTilbudsleder at HKB

In connection with my previous employment, I have worked closely with Fabiola. I have had the pleasure of her competencies, i.e., in connection with Fabiola's participation in management development courses and personal coaching facilities. I have gained a lot from these courses, which have helped make me a better manager, as well as helped me further in my professional career. I have also had the pleasure of using Fabiola concerning my employees. Both within the recruitment of new employees, development programs for the simple employee, and the planning and facilitation of various collaborative development courses, including a 2.5 year long educational program for the entire company. I can only give Fabiola my highest recommendation. Her professional skills, empathy for her fellow human beings, and insight into the people she works with mean she can help and facilitate behavioral changes in everyday life, from the small things that make a good manager better to processing changes in the entire value chain that help to strengthen the organization as a whole. Among other things, I have the pleasure of using Fabiola's skills in connection with process and culture change in my department. We had a challenge with people working too narrowly and needed help getting all perspectives on board concerning each other's work. This presented several challenges with the other departments, which often received different inputs depending on where they turned. Fabiola prepared and facilitated a course that changed the work routines from the first day of the course and created much greater coherence in the department. I will be happy to work with Fabiola in the future.

Martin MandrupIndehaver af Tegnestuen Martin Mandrup

Fabiola is an amazing coach with whom I have been a coachee since September 2018. Fabiola's coaching has helped me start with a noticeable development that enables me to get a better handle on personal management both in my private life and at work. I would recommend Fabiola's fantastic work with people to anyone who wants to evolve to take the steps that make one's life happier while proactively dealing with difficult choices and challenges.

Hjalte BachDigital Marketing Team Lead at Learning Bank

I have had the pleasure of being recruited by Fabiola Sommer. She comes across as very professional and her knowledge and background within the sales and marketing field has been of great benefit to me during the many interviews at Mercuri Urval.

Charlotte HvidkjærCommercial Director at Consumer Resurs Denmark

Through the recruitment process, my experience with Fabiola has been characterized by a high level of professionalism, thoroughness, and empathy. Her deep understanding of the customer and the task ensures both a short- and long-term perspective in recruitment, which I experience as quite unique.

Martin Kildgaard NielsenCEO at Business Danmark

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