Not finance. 
Not strategy. 
Not technology. 

It is teamwork
that remains the ultimate competitive advantage,
both because it is so powerful and so rare.

– Patrick Lencioni

SME Empowerment: Elevate your business.

Achieve business excellence.

At Conscious Leadership by Fabiola Sommer, we understand that every situation is unique when it comes to dealing with people. That’s why we offer our SME Empowerment service, where we collaborate with you to professionalize your business and take it to the next level.

Whether you’re focused on enhancing strategy execution, optimizing processes, fostering leadership team cohesion, or improving organizational health to achieve business objectives, we’ve got you covered.

Our approach is built on a trusted partnership. We work with you on a monthly retainer basis, providing dedicated support over a fixed period.

It’s not just a transaction; it’s a collaboration aimed at your success.



I have chosen to work with Fabiola for several reasons, including her experience as a management consultant from the construction industry, her expertise with recruiting leaders and specialists, and, not least, her approach to management.

For me, it has been essential to find a business partner who understands the construction industry and, at the same time, has the courage to challenge it and us so that we develop.

I strive to be a holistic leader – holistic leadership is the present and future demand for leaders. It has, therefore, been vital for me to find a management consultant and executive coach who shares this approach to management – ​​Fabiola does!

Fabiola supports our leadership team, mapping the company’s guiding star and strengthening our foundation: purpose, vision, values, mission, and strategy. In addition, she helps us enhance our culture so that we are stronger together. I believe that success (and so much more) is created by and through people.

Therefore, it is crucial that my management team and I get to know our employees better. So we understand how to play them better.
I have, therefore, initiated a development process that Fabiola facilitates. We aim to get to know ourselves and each other better so that through a greater understanding of each other’s differences, we enhance cooperation.

The employees have also been offered the opportunity to get to know themselves better, so in addition to Fabiola coaching my management group, several of our employees also coach.

Fabiola has helped us create better results by increasing our people focus even more than we used to.

What Fabiola does so well is that she manages to articulate and execute from her perspective and into ours in such a way that it is both understandable and makes sense – she is at eye level with us!

Kent Hvidtfeldt,
CEO at Kjær Knudsen A/S