The key to

success Connection Clarity cohesiveness Collaboration Efficiency trust Happiness Self-Worth

is conscious leadership

Conscious leadership by Fabiola Sommer’s purpose is
to help leaders reconnect with themselves
in order to build authentic connections with their colleagues and
together create success sustainably. 

Unlock the future of leadership

We are all connected. Everything we say and do affects people around us.

As a leader, 
you impact your employees and the rest of your organization with how you lead
beyond their mere working hours and far into their personal lives. 

Are you aware of how you actually impact people around you?

High Performing teams

Ignite the elusive strategic and human dimension in your leadership team and supercharge your competitive edge.

Elevate your leadership

Unlock your untapped leadership talents and potential with increased conscious self-awareness.

Empower your SME

Elevate your organization and unleash your latent forces within to harnesh the dormant potential of your SME.

The world needs more authentic and empathetic leadership...


of global GDP

or $8.8 trillion dollars is what actively disengaged employees combined with low engaged employees costs the global economy.


of employees worldwide

experience a lot of stress at work. Employee stress has been rising for over a decade and managers play an outsized role in the stress employees experience, which influences their daily stress overall.


of employees across the countries

are actively or passively seeking a new job. Improved wellbeing and opportunities to grow and develop are some of the things they are seeking in future employment.

Explore meaningful transformations:

Authentic accounts of Conscious Leadership impact by Fabiola Sommer. Empower your leadership journey today.

Fabiola contributes with vital energy and insight, which almost automatically activates a different and better dialogue, thus creating the framework for development...

Louise HahnGroup CEO at Energi Danmark Group

...Fabiola has a distinct ability to familiarize herself with issues and is highly targeted in her approach. Better results and increased efficiency have been two concrete and measurable benefits that I want to highlight from the collaboration.

Moten HedrichVP of Sales & Co-Owner at Atobi

I can unreservedly recommend Fabiola to any company that needs a focused professional development course. Her ability to lead a group to peak performance is second-to-none.

Henrik Bo LarsenCEO & Co-Founder at MediTech

...Fabiola supports our leadership team, mapping the company's guiding star and strengthening our foundation: purpose, vision, values, mission, and strategy. In addition, she helps us enhance our culture so that we are stronger together...

Kent HvidtfeldtCEO at Kjær Knudsen A/S


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