A group becomes a team
when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution
to praise the skills of others.

– Norman Shidle

Unlock your team's potential for success in today's AI-driven landscape.

Empower your leadership team for success.

In today’s ever-changing business world, where AI plays a significant role, strong leadership teams are vital for a successful organization. With teams becoming more collaborative and less hierarchical, each member’s role is crucial. That’s where emotional intelligence (EQ) and self-awareness come into play, helping leadership teams reach their full potential.

This workshop is carefully crafted to help your leadership team become more collectively conscious about team dynamics, and how your way of team interaction impacts team performance by uncovering the psychology behind it.

We will explore team members mental constructs, what drives you emotions, and unique leadership styles. We will also uncover the hidden aspects of team behavior that often go unnoticed. This workshop will give you insights into why team performance is as it is and what you can do together to deal with current team challenges.

Start your transformational journey, and let’s dive deep into what hinders team success and can make your team more successful. All this newfound awareness will drive your leadership team and organization to new heights of success.



A clear endorsement of Fabiola.

We have used, and continue to use, Fabiola to stay focused on our strategic objectives and use our personal preferences and differences as an asset. Based on our profiles, she helps to ensure that we are effective together and that we can keep our eyes on the ball so that both business and individuals become a higher unit.

And then just a gift for the less practical: Meetings start and stop in seconds, and the agenda is always adhered to. It provides an excellent professional setting and a good personal and commercial development framework.

Jess Alfredsen,
Founder at Datageneration