Hi I am Fabiola.

My massive transformative purpose is
to enable leaders to reconnect with themselves
so they can create ripple effects of success through genuine connections
beneficial for the collective. 

Meet the team

Meet Fabiola.

Life is about accepting your true self and having the courage to stand out as you are. Organisations grow when we bring our unique selves to work and use our differences to build lasting success and harmony.

We are all connected.
Business is all about relationships, and all relationships begin with the relationship we have with ourselves.

Being adopted, I never truly felt like I belonged anywhere, not in my birth country, where I grew up, or anywhere else. Twenty-five years ago, this pushed me to turn inward, seeking answers within myself. I began an intense journey to uncover my true identity, purpose, and values and align them with my unique talents and traits.

Overcoming personal and professional difficulties and shedding layers of adversity honed my business instincts. Challenges became building blocks of emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and organisational acumen that spilled over into my professional life.

My approach is my unique edge. Using my life experiences, organisational wisdom, and deep interest in the subconscious mind and how it controls our choices and behaviours, making most people sleepwalk through life, I advise leaders on creating lasting change and sustainable success based on authentic relationships.

Fabiola Sommer

Peter Hartwig

Meet Peter.

Rooted in Denmark, but having lived and worked around the globe, Peter brings a deep cultural knowledge and history to the table. Growing up in the media world, transitioning into analytics and machine learning, and then adding leadership and commercial experience to the mix, he possesses a rare combination of creativity, business acumen, leadership and deep technical experience.

A student of neuroscience and computational behavior analytics gives a unique perspective to how the mind works, and how we work in groups and tribes. Bridging this with 15 years of experience in AI and machine learning, is the basis of our advanced training modules and can help in solving abstract problems in novel ways.

He has spent more than a decade teaching and coaching, both in leadership positions as well as teaching workshops and facilitating discussions and running problem solving and design thinking sessions.

While completing both an MBA and a MSc, he is also keen on attending the school of life, learning, growing, and taking every opportunity to evolve.



Slow is smooth, and
smooth is fast.

We aim to transform decision-making into a thoughtful process, prioritising responsive action over hasty reactions to minimise unwarranted impact on ourselves and others. We encourage our clients to adopt the same practice into their leadership.

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Every decision has consequences, and no consequence exists in a vacuum. We aspire to consider the impact of our actions, aware that what we do as individuals affects others, creating ripple effects in the organisation and the broader community. We challenge clients to awaken to this reality.

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Challenger mindset

Repeating today what you did yesterday won’t ensure your future success. We like to challenge the norm to foster creative thinking and conscious decision-making. We inspire our clients to step out of their comfort zones to find new and better solutions, leading to more sustainable success.


Catalytic Change

We drive lasting transformation from within the leadership teams. We nudge our clients to challenge their existing cultural belief systems and behavioural patterns to grow, evolve, and be catalysts for significant change in their organisations.



We strive to do the right thing, upholding our commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical behaviour, even when it’s challenging or no one is watching. We urge our clients to create success that’s not just measured by short-term financial gains but also by the well-being of people.